What New Wonders are in Store?

Hot off the presses or still in the works, this is where we show you our latest new releases and titles we’re still working on.

»A gem can’t be polished without friction.« Everyone who’s worked with us knows that. And anticipation is almost as good as the moment when you first hold that longed-for Schmidt book in your own hands.

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  1. Thesen zur Typografie. Gedanken zur Gestaltung

    Thesen zur Typografie. Gedanken zur Gestaltung

    by John D. Berry
    John D. Berry phrases a few words about designing with words.
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  2. Every Day I Draw at Least One Letter. The HVD Fonts TYPE BOOK

    Every Day I Draw at Least One Letter. The HVD Fonts TYPE BOOK

    by Hannes von Döhren
    »On the streets you look at girls; I look at type.« This may be recipe for the success of internationally renowned type designer Hannes von Döhren. Bestselling types like Brandon ...
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  3. Freistil 5

    Freistil 5

    by Raban Ruddigkeit
    Freistil is back! The never-ending source of inspiration for illustrators and Who’s Who for clients.
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  4. Color Swatch Calendar

    Color Swatch Calendar

    by Peter von Freyhold
    What a colour-full year it’ll be! Day by day, the CMYK Colour Swatch Calendar offers its vivid colour strips to create a handy colour fan that you can put together yourself with the binding screw at the top of the calendar.
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  5. Typodarium 2015

    Typodarium 2015

    by Lars Harmsen | Raban Ruddigkeit
    The secret typographical weapon against typotony, a curable form of typographical monotony, frequently manifested through the symptom of constant use of the same font (preferably Helvetica).
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  6. Open Diary 2015

    Open Diary 2015

    by Michael Volkmer
    2015 – a blank paper– to fill with you personal highlights, encounters, experiences, memories ...
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  7. Die schönsten Schweizer Bücher 2013

    Die schönsten Schweizer Bücher 2013

    An intelligent love letter to the book as such using the example of the most beautiful Swiss books: you’ll be seduced to read!
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  8. 100 beste Plakate 13

    100 beste Plakate 13

    by Verein 100 beste Plakate e.V.
    The 100 best posters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland: messages in a nutshell!
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