What New Wonders are in Store?

Hot off the presses or still in the works, this is where we show you our latest new releases and titles we’re still working on.

»A gem can’t be polished without friction.« Everyone who’s worked with us knows that. And anticipation is almost as good as the moment when you first hold that longed-for Schmidt book in your own hands.

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  1. Typography 36

    Typography 36

    by TDC Type Directors Club of New York
    The 2015 Annual of The Type Directors Club, New York.
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  2. Do it, with love. 100 Creative Essentials

    Do it, with love. 100 Creative Essentials

    by Frank Bodin
    The Book of Inspiration for a Creative World. Frank Bodin shares his 100 Creative Essentials!
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  3. C | M | Y | K Color Swatch Calendar 2016

    C | M | Y | K Color Swatch Calendar 2016

    by Peter von Freyhold
    Peter von Freyhold designed a »colour septet« for each week that comes alive by tearing off a daily colour strip. Use the binding screw hidden in the top of the calendar to put together your own colour schemes! Or archive the colour strips in the beautiful box.
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